Day 16, Cycle 6: Fuzzy little hope

I noticed last night that even as I have just lost the very last of the wispy hairs plastered to my balding skull, a soft down of new little hairs has sprouted. It’s not much but somehow it was comforting.

Speaking of fuzzy comfort, here is the oncatogy team deployed around (and on) me for an intensive felinotherapy session.




RPG a Day: Surprise!

10. What was the largest in-game surprise you have experienced?

A fairly recent shock happened in our Night Witches game a few months ago, when our sestra and squadron politruk Elena first took pity on Mathias, a young German soldier gone AWOL from Wehrmacht who came to surrender to the famous Nacht Hexen. When Hitlerite infiltrators tried to recover him and the deployment maps he had stolen, she recovered him, saved his life and shared a kiss before letting him escape! But when the two of them were cornered and about to be found by the NKVD inspector, Elena killed Mathias rather than let him be used for “demonstration” of interrogation techniques as planned.

It was an explosive episode that had profound repercussions for the whole squadron.

[Edit: See Edmund’s notes on the same episode.]