RPG a Day: Dream team from the past

14. Who would be on your dream team of people you used to game with?

I understand this to mean all people I’m unable to game with anymore for whatever reason, so here goes the bucket list:

  • My friends Martin, Philippe and Francis from back in Montreal thirty years ago. Man, we had good times. So smart and quick, they made the rest of the world look like it’s standing still.
  • Grenmeth, who played in my online Castle Falkenstein game two decades ago. What a great lady!
  • Players from Edmund’s old Over the Edge online game: Jone (“Ingar Forne”), Ragnar (“KK”) and the one who played Agent Goodness and whose name I can’t seem to find (Chris, maybe?) They were Awe.Some.
  • Marce, who played in our four-year long 7th Sea campaign. She’s kind, witty, and generous.
  • Meg and Taylor, two great gals we played at the game club in Seattle. They riff wonderfully off each other’s ideas.
  • Johnzo, also in Seattle. He’s a really good GM, he’s funny, and he’s got a nice way of defusing tense social situations.
  • Ed and Linda, more Seattle friends. We played so many things together, and I adored having them in my Top 10: Night Shift superhero game.
  • Dawn, from the same group, who played the Vorpal Tree Frog! She is kind and fun and creative.