Coming to Big Bad Con: Tora Shae

Tora ShaeThe Kickstarter funding campaign is in full swing for Big Bad Con, the sweetest tabletop gaming convention on the West Coast. We quickly funded our basic goals on Day 1, and have been blowing past many stretch goals since. Several of these stretch goals allow us to bring great guests to the convention, to host games, speak on panels, etc. Today’s guest interview is with Tora Shae.

Could you introduce yourself? What would you like the Big Bad Con attendees to know about you?

Hello!! I’m Tora Shae, a correspondent with BlackGirlNerds where I write, vlog, and podcast about my love for anime, magic, games, and Steven Universe. Get to know me! I promise I’m not as serious as my bio picture would suggest! 

What are you favourite kinds of games? Why?

My favourite types of games are immersive role playing games and magical strategy games. I love anything that provides a challenge but also brings a group together to think and build. I love the experiences and sense of community!

What do you see as trends in the tabletop gaming community? Where do you see it going over the next few years? (You pick the scale and the definition of gaming community!)

I think with the rise of crowdfunding and with the way that social media connects us, we’re seeing a lot more people bring their dream games to fruition. Some of the roadblocks that prevented many people from getting their games out there are coming down. I’m seeing more livestreaming of tabletop gaming and more branding associated with that. This excites me to see what these types of connections with fans will mean for creators.

If you have been to Big Bad Con before, how would you describe it? If you have never attended it before, what have you heard about the event?

I’ve never attended Big Bad Con, but I have heard that it is an amazing con for gamers looking for an unforgettable weekend. I’ve also heard that what happens at Big Bad Con .. …travels with you because GAMING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! ( just kidding)

How do you plan to occupy your time at Big Bad Con this year?

I plan to spend my time at Big Bad Con running games, catching as many other games as possible, and meeting as many new friends as I can!!

Any parting words for our readers?

Come Find Me!

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