Coming to Big Bad Con: Hakan Seyalioglu

Hakan SeyaliogluThe Kickstarter funding campaign is in full swing for Big Bad Con, the sweetest tabletop gaming convention on the West Coast. We quickly funded our basic goals on Day 1, and have been blowing past many stretch goals since. Several of these stretch goals allow us to bring great guests to the convention, to host games, speak on panels, etc. Today’s guest interview is with Hakan Seyalioglu.

Could you introduce yourself? What would you like the Big Bad Con attendees to know about you?

Hi there! I’m Hakan, one half of Thorny Games along with Kathryn Hymes and we’re on a mission to spread play through quirky and thoughtful games. People are hungry to tell stories in new and exciting ways, and whether that be at a table, moving around, inside or outside, we want to make that happen. With our game Dialect, A Game about Language and How It Dies, players tell a story about a language, and how the birth and death of that language mirrors the story of a community in Isolation. With Sign, A Game about Being Understood, players reflect on what having barriers to communication mean to us, through the true story of Nicaraguan Sign Language.

What are you favourite kinds of games? Why?

I love games that let me to surprise myself. Games that let me look on it afterwards and feel amazed by what me and my friends have been able to accomplish. Whether that be a deep emotional journey or an intricately woven machine for producing victory points, I absolutely adore games that feel like they’ve unlocked something in me that I did not think myself capable of.

What do you see as trends in the tabletop gaming community? Where do you see it going over the next few years?

We’re so lucky to be in a time when so many people are being introduced to role role playing games for the first time. They’re developing feelings from a place that’s still fresh. They may have some preconceptions about the community, but we have just the right mix of new games and enthusiasm to help invite these folks in. I think with more games that appeal to folks’ passions, the community is going to expand and bring in a lot of new wonderful faces.

You have been to Big Bad Con before, how would you describe it?

Big Bad Con is an extremely cozy and personal convention. It’s tight-knit and much less hectic than many of the larger conventions. It’s also extremely mindful about being welcoming and open to new players.

How do you plan to occupy your time at Big Bad Con this year?

I’ll be running and playing lots of games! Each year I try to run a good mix of Thorny Games’ offerings as well as one really ambitious game that I would never otherwise get a chance to try out. I’m still picking what my ambitious run is going to be! Probably a big LARP with a bunch of players and a lot of feels.

Any parting words for our readers?

With love and fire folks! Please stop by and say hello at Big Bad!

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