RPG a Day: We’re Not Gonna Take It…

13. Describe a game experience that changed how you play.

I first started gaming when I got to university, which had a big game club. Every week the club’s meeting night looked like a mini-convention; you could browse the offerings and play whatever sounded interesting—AD&D, Gamma World, MERP, Diplomacy, 007, Traveller, Top Secret, Star Trek… I acquired the mindset that you pick a game and then find players for it. For years I looked at game store bulletin boards for specific games, or advertised to recruit players for specific games.

It was not so bad when I was in big urban areas with lots of gamers but when my husband and I moved to a more rural area for a few years, the choices became limited; you could practically know every gamer by name. Edmund and I found ourselves gaming with a number of guys who were tolerable but not in any way friends.  Continue reading “RPG a Day: We’re Not Gonna Take It…”