12 RPGs for the 12th Month: A Question of Character

Paul Mitchener came up with a new writing challenge on role-playing games called “12 RPGs for the 12th Month” (see the full list of questions here.)

Question 4: 7th to 8th December

Tell me about your character in an RPG you’re currently playing, or have played this year.

Oh, I have played a lot of characters, this year. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY CHARACTERS!


Venture City (Evil Hat Productions): Run online by Bryanna Hitchcock. I played one of her pre-generated characters, I think it was Hornet, a Wasp-like character.

Dungeon World hack: The Land of Ten Thousand Gods (Sage Kobold Productions/Edmund Metheny): I played in two of Edmund’s online playtest groups, with Jewel the wilderness guide (ranger) in one, and Sabitri the shapeshifter (druid) in the other.

Castle Falkenstein (R. Talsorian Games/Fat Goblin Games): Run online by J Gray to playtest some of the material for his Castle Falkenstein supplements. I played Penneg the korrigan (brownie), a spy for the Second Compact and an activist for the Movement for the Advancement of Lesser Faeries.


The Lost Age (Leiker Games): Run by the designer at KublaCon, Keith Leiker. I played Dalkan, a calatar (badger-like humanoid).

Headspace (Green Hat Designs): Run by Kasi Jammeh at KublaCon. I played Clancy the infiltrator.

Fate hack: Call of Cthulhu (Evil Hat Production): Run by Dennison Milenkaya at KublaCon. If I recall correctly, I played a fake psychic suddenly getting real psychic manifestations.

DramaSystem (Pelgrane Press): Run by Brian Williams at KublaCon. I played a spawning space jellyfish, Mother of Many.


The One Ring (Cubicle 7): Run by Steve W. I play Ulfwyn the Swift, a Beorning wanderer.

Golden Sky Stories (Starline Publishing): Run online by Fish N. I play Shiroko, a fourteen-year-old crane henge girl who is a bit of an older sister to all the kids.

Honey Heist (Grant Howitt): Run by Karen Twelves for a game day at EndGame. I played Ursula Berry, a black bear and retired thief, wearing a flat cap. I managed to get lots of artisan honey.

Nephews of Dune (homebrew): A playtest by Steve P. of his homebrew set on Dune (Arrakis! The desert planet!), where I play Callista Aranos, an Ixian spice smuggler.

Ehdrigohr (Council of Fools): An adaptation from the Fate 2.0 version to Fate Core, run by Edmund. I played one of the pre-generated characters, Za’ayed of the Society of the Owl.

The Watch (Anna Kreider & Andrew Medeiros): Run by Bryanna Hitchcock. I play Teyka the Wolf from Clan Molthas, a single mother trying to raise her child even as she fights for the Watch. Deliberately set up as a Lone Wolf and Cub call-back.


Fate of Karthun (Evil Hat Productions): Run by lead writer Tracy Barnett at Big Bad Con. I played Kistkatsa, a Lizardfolk bard who reminded me of my beloved T’skrang bard in Earthdawn.

JUGGERNAUT (Bully Pulpit Games): Hosted by Brian Williams in Games on Demand at Big Bad Con. The characters are pre-generated; I was the results-minded Major Van Der Meer, still hoping to get the next phase of the project authorized so we could fight the Commies.

Dungeon World (Sage Kobold Productions): Run by Arthur Berman in Games on Demand at Big Bad Con. I played Lynniel Bonebreaker, a human barbarian. I collapsed the temple onto my own head (and another PC’s) rather than let the macguffin fall into the wrong hands.

Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne (Pompey Crew Design): Run by Gretchen Burneko at Big Bad Con. The characters were pre-generated; I played Berrick, the squire of Sir Hayden. Of course I was in love with the witch!

Mutants & Masterminds 3e (Green Ronin): Run by Edmund at Big Bad Con. I played Growltiger the Bane of Rats!

[Edited to add:]


Star Trek Light, a hack of Cthulhu Dark: A play-by-post playtest by Evlyn M. I play Ensign Tishale Brehan, an Acamarian Engineering officer on the USS Sussman. Teshale is ebullient, romantic, and geeky, but also world-savvy and saddled with friends in low places.