12 RPGs for the 12th Month: Following and Admiring

Paul Mitchener came up with a new writing challenge on role-playing games called “12 RPGs for the 12th Month” (see the full list of questions here.)

Question 6: 11th to 12th December

Do you follow any particular RPG authors? Which RPG authors have works you admire, and what are their stand-out pieces of work?

Wow, is that ever a difficult question. I follow a lot of RPG writers, publishers, and artists, because I like them and their work. I just can’t select a few without omitting so many whose stellar work has given me joy. If I follow you, if we exchange comments about your work, you know it’s because I love it. I’ve probably publicly gushed over your stuff before, and will do so again.

2 thoughts on “12 RPGs for the 12th Month: Following and Admiring

  1. I really love Avery Alders work as it is Feminist, LGBTI+ and inclusive. The audience is NOT cis-white men and so the game plays well for people who identify as Queer as well as people who don’t. https://buriedwithoutceremony.com/dream-askew
    It’s not a secret that I also really love Urban Shadows by Magpie Games (Creators: Mark Diaz Truman and Andrew Medeiros). This game is ALL about sitting in discomfort and appropriation of other genders, sexuality and races. But, this isn’t always a bad thing. It is challenging in a good way. As it allows people to explore gentrification and urban politics in a setting that is safer and more forgiving and relationa.
    Unlike, The Watch by Andrew Mederios which was really confusing for me, as its the opposite of Urban Shadows. Urban Shadows made alternative identities playable for our Queer, Non Binary group, but The Watch didn’t.
    The Watch simply did not make sense to us. I admire Andrew a lot! But, the game is clearly NOT written from a Queer, Trans perspective and therefore we were not its audience. I think that the audience was directed at Cis-Male, who could explore gender and trans identities in a highly sexualized and a hyper bole way would be appealing but, for our group. It fell flat, as it made no sense to us and was therefore an unplayable game.
    Another game that is highly playable for Queers is “Pack of Strays” by Phillip Wessels. A talented game designer who does not get the platforming he deserves!
    Thats my 2 cents
    Saffire FemiNerdz.com

    1. That’s pretty odd to me because I could not really get into Urban Shadows — too much about factions rather than individuals for my taste — but I love The Watch. I know several LGBTQ+ people who adore The Watch and feel included, so it’s probably more complicated than that. It certainly didn’t feel sexualized in the episodes I have played. But I don’t identify as queer and may be missing nuances.

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