#AprilTTRPGMaker: Questions 13 through 18

Part 3 of Kira Magrann’s cool challenge for April, the 30-day tabletop role-playing game maker or #AprilTTRPGMaker challenge.

Day 13: Biggest influence?

In roughly chronological order:

Over The Edge by Jonathan Tweet (Atlas Games); Robin’s Laws of Good Game-mastering by Robin Laws (Steve Jackson Games); Truth & Justice and The Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo by Chad Underkoffler (Atomic Sock Monkey Press); Fate Accelerated by Clark Valentine, Leonard Balsera, Fred Hick, Mike Olson, and Amanda Valentine (Evil Hat Productions).


But the funny thing is that I also got influences from games I thought were deeply flawed such as:

Primetime Adventures, The Esoterrorists, Burning Empires, Apocalypse World,

Day 14: What are yer Dreams & Plans?

Right now: not becoming homeless, and getting back to health. 😟

Day 15: Do you design in public or private?

I absolutely hate having someone read over my shoulder while I write, but other than that, I don’t mind sharing material when it’s not final or perfect, but it’s at least in a shape that makes my thought process intelligible. I blog about my musings and reasoning, I post photos of my handwritten notes, screen captures, mockups, drafts, and playtest notes. I love receiving thoughtful feedback.

On the other hand, I rarely post questions in design forums. When I do, I seem to receive either no responses at all or so much feedback that I get distracted. (I do try to post relevant responses for others, though.)


Day 16: Any design partners?

No “regular” partners, but I try to find collaborators that offer a very good fit for a given project. Upcoming projects will feature such talented people as Misha Bushyager, Zeph Wibby, “Mad” Jay Brown, Tara Zuber, Richard Bellingham, and Peggy Chassenet. I also like bouncing ideas for Fate mechanics with Sean Nittner.

Day 17: Favourite form of feedback?

I love feedback that points to something specific, whether good or bad, and explains the reasons for that feedback. If it’s in a playtest round, I obviously prefer feedback that addresses the specific points the playtesters were asked to evaluate, along with any additional relevant notes they may have.

Day 18: Current inspiration?

I’m most inspired by everything I learn about other cultures or about history that makes me realize what real-life awesomeness is out there that I can incorporate into games. There is so much!

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