Progress, sort of?

Some day, this will be a living room.

Sheesh. We/re still unpacking, cleaning the old house, and getting to new the new housemates. We each took falls and scraped joints, we’re banged up and bruised, sore and tired, but we’re making progress.

We’re deeply grateful for the help and moral support we once again received from our friends.

The new neighbourhood is less suburban and more mixed-urban, which means less privacy and more traffic, but also three bus lines right on our street that connect to CalTrain stations. The terrain is rather flat, not steep like our old neighbourhood, so it’s less daunting to take a walk. It also appears t be the world capital of ice cream vendors, with the chimes of ice cream trucks and bike-powered carts constantly ringing. I have not broken down even once yet. Yet.

Our cats were stressed out by the moving process, but soon started recovering, exploring the house and making note of windows that give good sunbeams. On Day 3, our evil Ubaid manage to knock out a window screen and ran away, giving us several hours of fearful misery. That’s when I first got to explore the area, walking around the block looking for a black cat. I did get to make friends with a nice bull terrier in the street behind ours, and to check out the pocket park at the end of our block. Don’t worry, evil Ubaid came back at dinner time. Like cats do.

That night I cooked for the first time in the new kitchen. It’s nice to have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal once again, but the best feature is a nice big kitchen island.. We didn’t have all our cooking gear out yet but I made spaghetti sauce in the slow-cooker. Which was great because it provided our next four dinners!

We’ve been going back every day to get the smaller items that had not made it onto the truck and to clean up. We can’t wait to be done! And I’m officially starting the new job on Monday, so I want a clean slate!

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