City of Mist: Crime Board

After 16 full episodes, running our City of Mist campaign continues to be a high point of the week for me. Here is the “crime board” page; the first image shows the investigation in the first story arc and the PCs’ circles of influence:

The second shares with my players Detective Suarez’s investigation of the crew in connection with the museum theft of the second story arc.

Just for fun. The boards are set up in Roll20.

Post, Dammit!

I’ve been trying to blog for months now. My admin board is littered with false starts, posts I started writing and never finished. It’s clear that I don’t have the energy, inspiration, and/or time to produce long posts anymore. So I’m going to attempt a return to shorter but more frequent blurbs, including actually posting back-dated earlier attempts so I have at least something. Why? Because in order to write professionally and regularly, I need to write more consistently. So here goes; a bunch of unconnected dots will slowly appear.