12 RPGs for the 12th Month: Gateway Game

Paul Mitchener came up with a new writing challenge on role-playing games called “12 RPGs for the 12th Month” (see the full list of questions here.)

Question 1: 1st to 2nd December

You’re running an RPG to introduce new players to the RPG hobby this month. Which game and genre do you choose, and why?

My answer might vary a bit depending on what the recuit players’ interests are. For example, I would try to tie in with a fiction world I know they already like, such as Harry Potter, the Marvel Universe, Star Wars, etc., which might affect the choice of system.

As general introductory systems, I have had particularly good success for this using InSpectres (Memento Mori Theatricks), The Zorcerer of Zo (Atomic Sock Monkey Press), Fate Accelerated (Evil Hat Productions), etc.

All else being equal, though, I would probably use Truth & Justice (Atomic Sock Monkey Press) again. I have had great success with completely new players taking on the persona of superheroes that might be complex to model in other systems, just jumping in and having great fun without the headaches. For example, I remember one forty-something who had never been in a role-playing game in his life, and decided he wanted to play Marvin Minsky with a body made of nanites. I just went along, and no, it didn’t break the game. He had a blast and said he would look into gaming in his hometown.

RPG a Day: For great justice!

Truth & Justice cover19. Favourite supers RPG

Easy: if I’m game-mastering, then it’s Chad Underkoffler’s Truth & Justice (Atomic Sock Monkey Press) with a side of Tim Gray’s Legends Walk! (Silver Branch Games).

When it’s time to play, I also greatly enjoy Mutants & Masterminds, any edition (Green Ronin), Silver Age Sentinels (Guardians of Order), and Marvel Superheroic Roleplay (Margaret Weis Productions).  I’ve been eager to try Steve Kenson’s ICONS as well (Ad Infinitum Adventures). Finally, I always have a great big soft spot for Underground (Mayfair Games).

Edit: Here are my reviews for Truth & Justice and Legends Walk! on RPG.net.


Review: Truth & Justice

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Chad Underkoffler’s Truth & Justice is a deceptively simple system packing a wallop of a punch. It will satisfy players by giving them superheroes (and villains) that are badass from the start, and it will make the GM’s life easier by making it a breeze to handle surprises and create even major NPCs on the fly. Continue reading “Review: Truth & Justice”