RPG a Day: Fan-Made Resources

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22. What are some awesome fan-made RPG resources?

Today’s default question was too similar to others I’ve just answered (”What RPGs are easy for you to run?” calls for an answer that’s pretty close to the one I gave for “What is an awesome RPG you enjoy adapting?”) So I decided to ask myself a different question, and answer it. 🙂

I want to celebrate fan-made and shared materials. There are so many, so I will just point to a few of different types.

Yes, I do realize that the distinction between fan and professional is very subjective in the world of role-playing games. I’m just trying to shine a spotlight on quality resources created for love of the game and generously shared.


Credits: Image by Ali Edwards, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)




Burning Empires

(Cross-posted to RPG.net, where it won 3rd prize for Science-Fiction Week, and to Emerald City Gamefest.)

Burning Empires is an attractively presented, very crunchy system in a colourful science-fiction universe, that will please those who like rules-intensive competitive games, but will overwhelm gamers who like a more streamlined approach.

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