I’m not all there

I apologize to all the people who I’ve been ignoring in the last few weeks and particularly this past week, since the syndrome is getting worse. And those I’m going to ignore this week…

Not only has work been very busy, but as some may recall, I’m also studying for a couple of exams I have to take on Saturday a week from today. To top it off, I’ve just been hit by the fastest-acting cold I can remember in recent years. I went from sore tonsils in the morning to choked up sinuses, strep-style raw throat, can’t breath, knocked on my ass by midnight.

I have a feeling that I’ve missed some important stuff in the last month, but I can’t catch up until at least another week. This is a lame apology, but just so people know that I’m not ignoring their health news, baby pictures, job search help requests, and neat articles because I’m mad or indifferent.

Great timing

I had my annual mammogram a week ago.  Today, I find a lump under my armpit.  This had better be a pimple — I’m not amused.

At least I’ll get quick test results.