Mini-Review: Love, Death & Robots (1-10)

Love, Death & Robots is a collection of animated short stories (5 to 10 minutes) of genre fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror), just released on Netflix this week.

Since the episodes are so short, it was easy to binge several in one sitting. Over on the dying Google+, I commented that this resulted in watching more male gaze filming than I have allowed myself to in a long time. Here are my spoiler-free mini-reviews for the episodes I have seen. When I say “spoiler-free” I mean that I only give away as much as you have in the episode title and pitch. (Spoilers may be discussed in comments below, however.)

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RPG a Day: Inspiration is out there

CreativeProcessPieChart26. Favourite inspiration for your game

You could say my source is immersion. Whether creating a new character or planning to run a gain, I like to surround myself with sources of inspiration: music, books, movies, images, online sources, etc.. I browse the ‘Net for related materials, I scour my creaking bookshelves, I cook recipes from particular cultures, and so forth.


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RPG a Day: How I Wish…

9. Favourite media property you wish was an RPG

Concrete Park vol. 2 coverThis one is tricky because when I really want to play in a particular setting, I just do, whether there is a licensed game or not. But I’ll go with Tony Puryear and Erika Alexander’s Concrete Park, published by Dark Horse Comics. The premise: Earth’s undesirables—too poor, too brown, too rowdy—are discreetly shipped off and dropped on a barely terraformed planet. There, they are left to survive however they can, with factions vying for control. It’s science fiction, it’s dystopia, it’s today, it’s beautiful and harsh yet hopeful.