RPG a Day: Fan-Made Resources

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22. What are some awesome fan-made RPG resources?

Today’s default question was too similar to others I’ve just answered (”What RPGs are easy for you to run?” calls for an answer that’s pretty close to the one I gave for “What is an awesome RPG you enjoy adapting?”) So I decided to ask myself a different question, and answer it. 🙂

I want to celebrate fan-made and shared materials. There are so many, so I will just point to a few of different types.

Yes, I do realize that the distinction between fan and professional is very subjective in the world of role-playing games. I’m just trying to shine a spotlight on quality resources created for love of the game and generously shared.


Credits: Image by Ali Edwards, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)




Fate of the Mouse Guard: Here you go!

As requested by a fan of Evil Hat Productions, here is some information on running a Mouse Guard game using the Fate system. TL;DR: My thinking process, followed by lots of useful links at the bottom of the post.

When I was in the final stages of writing War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus for Evil Hat Productions, I wanted to test the rules we had grafted onto Fate Accelerated to support the use of miniatures. I wanted to check whether they would play well when used in another setting and handled by a game-master who wasn’t part of the development team. My friend Kit was nice enough to run it for us using the setting from the Mouse Guard RPG (Archaia Studio/Burning Wheel Games) and the episode was a success. I later ran it a few times at conventions and it was great fun.

Recently someone (Tim R.) wrote to Evil Hat to ask how we made these adaptions. I never posted any notes before because in truth, this was not a full-fledged conversion. However, the Fate Accelerated engine is excellent for  conversions-on-the-fly! And I think the miniatures rules we came up with work very well with otther settings, especially fantasy settings.  Continue reading “Fate of the Mouse Guard: Here you go!”

Mouse Guard Must-Have

photo-sep-08-4-48-55-pmI’m very late in discovering this, but the hardback compilation Mouse Guard: The Black Axe is a must-have for all readers of the Mouse Guard comics (David Petersen, published by Archaia) and especially for players of the role-playing game based on the comic, the Mouse Guard RPG (Luke Crane & David Petersen).

It’s full of information about what the Guard Mice do, the art is as inspiring as ever, and the book offers a nice appendix full of maps, illustrations of locations, genealogies of famous mouse clans, etc. (You can see examples of location art here, but the ones in the book are different and contain much more information.)

Fate of the Mouse Guard

The Mouse Guard defeat the weasel

[Edit: Edmund posted his notes on the game.]

This weekend I ran not only War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus but also a “Fate of the Mouse Guard” game using the same rules but in the Mouse Guard setting. I used mouse miniatures from ZombieSmith/Flytrap Factory (Netherworlds line), Reaper (Mouslings line), and Plaid Hat Games (plastic figures from the Mice & Mystics game).

I thought things went very well. In a four hour game we had time to make characters and have a short adventure. The heroes had been sent to maintain the border in the spring, and were trying to discover what had become of a missing alchemist from Sprucetuck, Ophelia. The mission eventually lured them into Darkheather territory, to the lost town of Ferndale… where they settled the score with one particular weasel (seen here after his defeat.)

I think the miniatures rules went over really well, people enjoyed the push-and-pull of zones, weight, and using terrain.

Fate of the Mouse Guard

For No. 18 in #51in15, we played Fate of the Mouse Guard: that’s the setting from Mouse Guard with the rules from War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus!  I asked our friend Kit to run this for Sean Nittner and his charming daughters, Edmund, and I so we could see how well the game works with miniatures but a different setting. We had a blast!

Kit introduced a fun way to kick-start character creation: when we arrived, she’d written prompts for aspect creation on index cards, twice the number of players plus one extra, such as:

Your relationship with Gorm, the sheriff of Mosswood.

Why you haven’t earned your cloak yet.

Why you’re normally never sent on patrol with one of the other PCs.

Everyone had to pick at least one. It worked great! It gave us plenty of choices, plenty of leeway in formulating the aspects, and resulted in quickly fleshing out our backstories and relationships, while tying us to the plot. I’m so stealing this in the future!

[Edit: Sean has a better description of the game on his blog.]

That's my mouse, running away from three giant spiders and dragging the bad guy with me.
That’s my mouse, running away from three giant spiders and dragging the bad guy with me.

Review: Mouse Guard RPG

(Cross-posted to RPG.net and Emerald City Gamefest.)

The Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game is based on the on-going comic book series Mouse Guard and a streamlined, simplified version of the Burning Wheel system, in which you play the protectors and warriors of a medieval society of sentient mice.

Continue reading “Review: Mouse Guard RPG”