Tell me who you are, what you do

Copyright 2005 Sophie Lagacé

This is an invitation to all my friends — and they are many — who are looking for a job these day. It’s a crappy, crappy economic climate we’re in, and the year is shaping up to be rough; I want to help those I can.

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago to talk about the best online resources* I had found for networking, job search, and career planning. Now I’d like my many friends to tell me about their skills and the kind of job they’re looking for, to “give me their pitch.”

If I run across a contact who can help, or an opening that would fit you, I need to know! So please, send me a short summary, say the paragraph you’d put at the top of a good resume, or the core of a good cover letter, so I can keep my eyes open for you. Tell me what I need to tell about you to a contact. Better yet, I’d like to post these summaries on my site, if that’s OK with you.

I don’t know how much it will help you, but at the very least it may make you boil down your ideas to a short-and-sweet summary, and focus your search.    Or if you freelance or have your own business, send me your info too!

* I realise that these are more useful for certain types of jobs than others; if you’re looking for a job in construction, or store sales, or modelling at Abercrombie and Fitch, then you may rely less on resumes and online presence, but give it a thought anyway.

My job search and career planning tips and tools

I have a lot of friends who are looking for a job right now. It’s a crappy economy and a crappy job market. I wish I could be more helpful, but aside from the times when I can help put job seekers in contact with more helpful people, my help is limited. So at least I thought I’d compile the things were helpful to me in my own job search last year, and the things I’ve learned then and since about job search and career planning (two different bu related themes.) You can read them on my professional blog.

Good luck the everyone.