RPG a Day: House ruling

24. Favourite house rule

benniesThe most beneficial house rule we’ve had, with the first edition of Savage Worlds (Pinnacle Entertainment Games), was that bennies couldn’t be traded in for experience points. Since then, two newer editions of the game (Explorer’s Edition and Deluxe Explorer’s Edition) have also gotten rid of the bennies-for-experience rule, which encouraged players to sit on stacks of chips instead of using them to propel the adventure forward, and it has been a good change. As a result, we tend to use similar house rules for other games that offer a chance to trade action points of some sort for character advancement.


Review: Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition

(Cross-posted to RPG.net, where it won 2nd prize for Actual Play Week, and to Emerald City Gamefest.)

Offering superior value for the money, this book is a great choice for quick adaptation of your crazy offbeat setting ideas.

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