Advent Day 11: Steadfast

Today’s topic is “Steadfast.” I can’t think of anything that evokes steadfastness better than the totem poles carved and raised by Pacific Northwest native peoples, from Salish tribes of the Puget Sound and Georgia Strait area to the Nuu-chah-nulth and Kwakwaka’wakw wonders of Vancouver Island, to the Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands, a.k.a. Haida Gwai, to the Tsimshian, and Tlingit guardians of the coast of British Columbia and Alaska.

The photo is of a totem pole near the Burke Museum of Natural History on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, and was taken with my trusty Holga toy camera. (Whenever I see someone pay hundreds of dollars for a Lensbaby accessory that will turn their expensive Nikon into my cheap plastic Holga, I giggle.)

Advent Day 11: Steadfast

Image by Sophie Lagacé 2005, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


My husband posts a daily image based on a random photo transformed to look more like a work of drawing or painting, which he calls “photodoodles” . Usually he uses his own images, but occasionally he calls for friends and family to send him their own photos for his photo doodling; this is what he did with my “factory second” image of a totem pole from Vancouver Island. I like it!

Photodoodle (tm)

This is a detail from a totem pole.  The original photo (and the pole itself) was marred by a large, square cut in the forehead of the sculpture to place bolts for structural stability – maybe earthquake proofing.

The first thing I did after close cropping to get rid of the bolts was to adjust the perspective a little so that the eyes were more closely lined up.  I only adjusted perspective on the top half of the photo, because I decided I liked the lopsided mouth.  Then it was just a matter of playing with the saturation until I got it to the point that I wanted it, using a large sized brush for aquarial, and then unsharp mask to bring out the different blobs.

Original photo by Sophie Lagace, used with permission.

Photodoodle copyright E. Metheny.

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