Get your tentacles offa my allies!

Fun Board-Games-and-Fine-Food Day this weekend with our friend Steve!  It started mid-morning with a rematch of Fantasy Flight Games’ Arkham Horror; last time we had a narrow, nail-biting victory over Hast’yr using the basic rules; this time we threw in the first expansion, Dunwich Horror.

The game featured investigators Mike McGlen the Gangster (Edmund), Leo Anderson the Expedition Leader (Steve), Sister Mary the Nun (me), and Kate Winthrop the Scientist (dead man’s hand, played cooperatively).  It ended with a nail-biter defeat against Abhoth — we took him down to one point left before going down in a blaze of glory gibbering insanity.  I really don’t mind losing when it’s suspenseful and feels like we had a chance.  I won’t go over the basics of the game since I have a thumbnail in my last game report.

Vanished Planet coverWe had a lunch of tasty nibbles and leftovers: some home-made chicken soup and chicken salad, Edmund made French bread which we ate piping hot, and we added a fruit and cheese platter.

After Abhoth (“a horrid, dark gray protean mass and is said to be the ultimate source of all miscreation and abomination”) had us over for lunch, we switched to another cooperative board game, Vanished Planet.  This game completely relies on players cooperation to beat the system; there is no option for switching alliances or competing for resources.  Continue reading “Get your tentacles offa my allies!”