An embarrassment of riches

I had a call this afternoon from Northern California; I got a second job offer (the letter should arrive soon, and I’ll count it as a Real offer at that point.) I’ve also been negotiating with a local firm that made an offer. Finally, a third firm in Boulder Colorado is very interested.

I’d rather like to stay because I have friends here now; and the local offer sounds like it has a lot of potential for growth. On the other hand, the job in California would take me back to Humboldt County and Arcata, a city we’ve loved with all our hearts when we lived there in the 90s, and I had a good impression of the the team. Another benefit is that I could probably teach at the University again, a few hours a quarter, which is fun in limited quantity and good for the brain. As for the job in Boulder, it’s for a very prestigious firm (in my eyes, at least) that does high quality, highly ethical environmental restoration work.

Nothing is ever simple, though it’s a pretty good quandary to have.

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