Agon: Death of a Prince

On Friday we held the fifth session of our beta playtest of AGON 2nd edition and visited our third island.

The lying in state of a body, terracotta pinax by the Gela Painter, latter 6th century BC.

Our heroines landed on the island of Nimos, where they were surprised to learn of the untimely death of the crown prince, one of their companions during the War. The royal family and the whole island were in mourning.

The heroines were told that it was the island’s custom to not allow mourners to see the body. Antiochis participated in the games of combat honouring the prince, fighting her way through most of the ranks to meet the island champion, Sersaeus. She found that there was something creepy about the champion, as he moved oddly and had “too many” muscles. Antiochis lost the final fight (though not the admiration of a crowd of groupies).

Meanwhile, Phaedra tried to get some information from a cup-bearer, who gave her the party line that everyone was sad, that the prince died of a sudden illness, and that was about it. Her attempt to get him drunk enough to tell her more met with resistance. Dolia talked to the High Priestess of Apollo, Thessia, who agreed to meet her at the Acropolis of Apollo for the dawn ceremony and to discuss in more detail what had happened.

Phaedra found one of the queen’s maids, Chloe, and through her, discovered that the queen’s unnaturally youthful beauty was caused by a bitter potion that numbed the tongue. Phedra took that information (and the maid) to bed.

Dolia met with the Priestess of Apollo and learned that the royal family had a private alchemist, Priest Harkon, who was quite close-mouthed about his potion recipes. Dolia returned to the royal home and met up with the others to exchange information. Dolia and Phaedra went to speak to this alchemist while Antiochis met with the king and queen over breakfast.

Dolia talked shop with the alchemist but then distracted him with clumsiness, then tears, while Phaedra sneaked into his quarters to discover a hidden passage. She found her way to some sea caves, where she secretly observed some folks with snake tattoos (which the alchemist also had).

Screenshot: Vault of Heaven, Chapter 3 (AGON 2e beta playtest.)
Vault of Heaven, Chapter 3

We were not far from a resolution but playing in three different time zones, and on a Friday night when everyone is tired, means we have relatively short sessions, so we will finish up on Friday.

Once again, thank you to my players for a fun evening and to Kim for taking notes!

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