Who Dis? New Cat!

We have just adopted a new cat, as a companion for Valentine. She’s a petite, black domestic short-hair little lady formerly known as Macy, but renamed Gato-ichi because we weren’t enamoured with calling our cat for a department store. As the new name suggests, she is blind and probably has been for most of her life. Despite this, she is one of the most fearless, confident cat we have ever invited into our home. She’s very good at finding edges and measuring height of furniture; and she’s been following Valentine around to get the lay of the land.

We got her from SNAP Cats in Santa Rosa, where they do wonders for senior and special needs cats.

One thought on “Who Dis? New Cat!

  1. Cats are amazing creatures. After two weeks with us Gatoichi knows the layout of the entire house, can jump from the floor onto the bed from various locations, knows the height of most of the furniture, and can travel at speed (that is, full cat sprint) up and down. It was fascinating to watch her orient herself. starting with a spot on the bed from which she measured everything in the bedroom, to now being able to navigate everywhere with confidence using only her other senses and her mental map.

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