Fate Adventure Worksheet

1-page_Adventure_templateIn my previous post I talked about building an adventure for the War of Ashes RPG and I used a sample form I put together for the purpose. A number of people have asked me for a blank version they could use, so here is the 1-page_Adventure_template (PDF.) If you prefer a JPEG version, click on the thumbnail instead. I’ll probably be tinkering with it some more, but it’s good enough to use.

Suggestions for improvement are welcomed!

7 thoughts on “Fate Adventure Worksheet

    1. Robert, I don’t exactly, at least not as a form-fillable PDF because I don’t currently have software that would do this cleanly. I do have the Scribus version that I print to PDF and which is editable, and I’m happy to share that. However, although free and really neat, Scribus has a significant learning curve.

    2. I’m a very tech savvy guy, so I would be willing to give it a shot. Does Scribus have any other export functions, like to Word or RTF perhaps? Those would be just as good.

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