Coming to Big Bad Con: Alex Roberts

The Kickstarter funding campaign is in full swing for Big Bad Con, the sweetest tabletop gaming convention on the West Coast. We quickly funded our basic goals on Day 1, and have been blowing past many stretch goals since. Several of these stretch goals allow us to bring great guests to the convention, to host games, speak on panels, etc. Today’s guest interview is with Alex Roberts.

Could you introduce yourself? What would you like the Big Bad Con attendees to know about you?

I’m Alex, from the computer! I do this show on the ONE SHOT Podcast Network called Backstory, where I interview all kinds of people about their contributions to the gaming community – designers, organizers, scholars, and more! Behind the scenes, I do administrative and project management type stuff for Pelgrane Press and Bully Pulpit Games. I also write for games sometimes–you’ll see contributions from me in Dialect, Sig, Threadbare, the next edition of Misspent Youth, to name a few. I’m also trying my hand at design these days… I have a piece in the #Feminism supplement that Pelgrane is putting out, and Tension, my 2-player Jenga-based RPG about forbidden love, is currently in open playtesting!

What are you favourite kinds of games? Why?

I’m a larper [live-action role-player]. The more I play in the live-action space the more eager I am to embody play, to have something physically engaging even at the table. I might just have a short attention span? Also, I’m a sucker for pretty much any game about love and intimacy. A Place to Fuck Each Other is probably my favourite game ever, but I’ll run Kagematsu or Hot Guys Making Out at the drop of a hat, and playing 183 Days, Shelter, and Mermaid are some of the most memorable gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

What do you see as trends in the tabletop gaming community? Where do you see it going over the next few years?

Oh gosh! This is such an exciting time to be gaming!!! I see folks getting the opportunity to design and publish who would never have had the chance 5 or 10 years ago, and it’s accelerating innovation like woah. For every time someone said “you can’t make a game about that,” there is now a game about that. Even the most tired genres – superheroes, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic – are getting these games that have a totally different perspective on the source material. Apparently, supporting creators from marginalized communities leads to an incredible diversity of games! Wow! Who knew?

You have been to Big Bad Con before, how would you describe it?

I dunno if this is just a California thing or what, but it was the most relaxed con I’ve ever been to. I signed up for a few things, GM’d a bit, got in on a few pickup games, and honestly just took it easy with some lovely people. If cons are normally too stressful for you, or if you do so many cons a year you kind of want a vacation, BBC is for you.

How do you plan to occupy your time at Big Bad Con this year?

All of the above–and I’m playtesting Tension! It’ll be on the schedule, but it’s 2-player and a breeze to set up, so if you see me around and want to play, just ask. Bonus points if you have your own Jenga tower.

Any parting words for our readers?

I hope to see you there!
❤ ❤ ❤

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