War of Ashes RPG: Post-Playtest Editing

KuldThe beta playtest phase of the War of Ashes RPG ended ten days ago and we got a lot of great feedback. Since then, I had two meetings with Evil Hat Productions and ZombieSmith luminaries.

Vidaar StyrsikOn Monday night, I got together with project manager Sean Nittner and editor Karen Twelves, and we hashed out a tentative plan for changes to the text. Key points include clarifying and streamlining combat and magic rules, and reordering some sections for easier reference in play. You can see in the photo below how well prepared Sean was, with all the options on little index cards and looking just like a Fate game! The ones that are crossed out are options we eliminated after discussion.

On Thursday night, the three of us met again, this time with Chris Hanrahan, business manager and partner for Evil Hat, and Josh Qualtieri of ZombieSmith. We went over the proposed changes and we talked schedule, art, cover, format, Web extras, and more.

Both meeting were fantastically productive, brief (90 minutes each for a lot of material to cover), and fun, because those are great people. And now I’m spending my weekend addressing some of the resulting action items.

Meeting agenda, Nittner-style
Sean’s approach to writing a meeting agenda did wonders!

Credits:  Photo © Sean Nittner 2014 and art © ZombieSmith 2013, used with permission.

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