RPG a Day: Character rep

Seelah by Wayne Renolyds5. What story does your group of players tell about your character?

I’m not sure! But I know it’s a by-word now that if you want to get one of my characters going, your best bet is usually to threaten the downtrodden and the underdog, and that slavers are automatic targets.




4 thoughts on “RPG a Day: Character rep

  1. Heh, sounds a lot like me. 😀 Sometimes I mind being so predictable, but most times I figure it’s just who I am (especially since I have a hard time not playing some part of myself in games).

  2. I have had the pleasure of both GMing for Sophie, and being a player with her, so I will share one story of each.

    One of my favorite character moments was when I was GMing a game of “Bloodshadows”. Sophie was playing Ubaid, a magical cat who claimed to be a survivor of the God Wars. After blowing the top off a roll to defeat the demon Skorne and save the city she actually convinced several of the players to invest in the skill “Faith: Ubaid” and become her religious followers.

    When we play in campaigns together we often play as a couple. The exploits of her Soshi Yumiko and my Shosuro Kando in a long-running L5R game were awesome, particularly since I spent virtually the entire campaign disguised as a ronin and thus our relationship had to be kept secret. As partners in a game of Blue Planet, her Rapanui Synn and my Bob the beluga were an effective crime fighting duo.

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